Senator Young Speaks Out Against Critics

July 30, 2015

ALBANY, NY – Senator Cathy Young has come out and spoken against criticism about the ammunition database controversy.

Appearing on NPR’s Capital Pressroom show, Young told Susan Arbetter that Republican senators have so far, blocked the funding of ammunition database.

“In the budget every year, there is a feeling that Governor Cuomo is inserting money in the budget, maybe not identified toward the safe act, but to develop this ammunition database, and it’s been a very sore point with pro-second amendment people,” Young said on WCNY’s Capital Pressroom. “And the senate republicans have been taking out money from the budget every year, to try to block the ammunition database. So I strongly disagree that it’s a stunt. It’s not a stunt, it’s real progress.”

Click here to hear full interview.

(The part about the Safe Act starts at 10:30 in.)