St. James Employees Get “WARN” Notices

January 27, 2015

HORNELL, NY –Kate Kreger from St. James Hospital, says that the hospital sent out the following message to their employees: 

The leadership of St. James Mercy Hospital (SJMH) informed employees it will transition from a Trinity Health ministry to ―Independent SJMH‖ effective May 1, 2015, as part of the implementation of the New Vision for healthcare in Hornell. As part of the announcement, 581 employees received a 90-day Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act notice that their St. James Mercy employment will end as of April 30. Of the total number of employees receiving notice, 96 are per diem employees.
―We are pleased to announce that multiple new providers are ready, willing and able to hire nearly two-thirds of our employees,‖ said Jennifer L. Sullivan, president and CEO, St. James Mercy Hospital. Nearly 400 St. James Mercy Hospital employees are anticipated to be hired back by the New Vision providers, including a new entity — tentatively named ―Independent SJMH‖ — to be led by Sullivan and governed by a new, community-based board of directors. This organization will serve as the focal point for healthcare in the transition to the New Vision, providing services in the current hospital facility during the approval and construction period for a new building.
– Independent SJMH will provide many of the services SJMH does today, including an emergency department, beds for short stays, ambulatory surgery, imaging and laboratory services, to name a few.
– Oak Orchard Health will provide primary care and pediatric services.
– Post Acute Partners will apply to New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to operate the skilled nursing facility as part of its Elderwood portfolio of skilled nursing facilities.
– Fresenius Medical Care North America will provide dialysis services.
– Loyola Recovery Foundation will provide treatment for substance abuse disorders. Employees whose skills do not match the employers above can take advantage of re-training programs with Workforce New York.
―We are thankful for the support and guidance of UR Medicine, the NYSDOH, Trinity Health, the Sisters of Mercy, the SJMH Board of Directors, and regional healthcare providers throughout the transition planning process,‖ said Sullivan. ―Implementation of the New Vision begins in earnest today and is the culmination of hard work from community leaders, elected officials, employees and physicians. We extend a special thank you to Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan, whose efforts have been integral to the continuation of vital healthcare services; Mayor Hogan is a truly great advocate and ambassador for this city.‖ (more)
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Added Sullivan, ―We are pleased with the breadth of services that will continue to be available in Hornell, including an emergency department, beds for short stays, an ambulatory surgery center, imaging and laboratory services, rehabilitation therapies, primary care, pediatric services, and specialty care, as well as long-term care, dialysis, and behavioral health crisis and addiction services.‖
“In what has been a truly innovative and collaborative process, St. James Mercy and our region‘s fellow providers have forged a strategy that will ensure Hornell continued access to high-quality care for the long term,” said Mark Taubman, M.D., CEO of UR Medicine. “We remain steadfast in our shared commitment to the Hornell community, and we look forward to working with the group to execute the plan in the coming weeks and months.”
“We are inspired by the legacy of quality care that has been provided in Hornell for more than a century,” said Jim Cummings, CEO of Oak Orchard. “We look forward to making good use of the highly skilled talent available as this transition evolves.‖ ―We are excited about the opportunity to continue McAuley Manor‘s proud legacy of service to the Hornell community,‖ said Warren Cole, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Post Acute Partners. ―We are looking forward to providing exceptional care to McAuley‘s residents, and to working with the facility‘s skilled nursing care teams.‖
―As the global leader in renal therapy services, we welcome the opportunity to bring our three decades of expertise in comprehensive dialysis services to the residents of Steuben County and are eager to begin our operations in the Hornell community,‖ said Ryan Valle, Vice President of Corporate Development, Fresenius Medical Care North America. ―Loyola Recovery Foundation is eager to expand our services into the Hornell community,‖ said George Basher, Loyola president and CEO. ―We believe this is a great opportunity to work to preserve the core addiction treatment services in Hornell, retain the quality employees who provide those services, and become a ‗center of excellence‘ for treatment of substance abuse disorders.‖ For more than a year, St. James Mercy Hospital has been developing and implementing the New Vision for healthcare in Hornell, the goal of which is a sustainable, financially viable plan for the continued delivery of healthcare services in Hornell and the surrounding communities. ―On behalf of the SJMH Board of Directors, I want to express our deep appreciation for those dedicated SJMH employees—past and present—who continue to provide high-quality, compassionate healthcare to our community,‖ said Sullivan. ―We are thankful for the community‘s passion and commitment to St. James Mercy during this challenging time of transition. Our goal is to preserve the legacy of quality, values-based healthcare services that have been St. James Mercy‘s hallmark for nearly 125 years.‖