St. James Hospital and UR Medicine

St. James Working on Becoming A Partner with A Rochester Hospital

HORNELL – An agreement has been reached between St. James Hospital in Hornell and Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester which will lead to changes in the way healthcare is delivered in the Hornell area.

A final letter of intent legalizing the agreement has not been signed as yet but the deal is done according to our sources.

What all this means to St. James and hospital care in our own area has not been finalized, but Dr. Spencer Annabel, a member of the committee negotiating with the University of Rochester, believes we could know much more about the future of St. James by the end of summer if not sooner.

There had been thought that a new facility would be built near Mercycare, the site of the old Bethesda Hospital, but even that has not been decided as yet.

In the immediate future, there should be no noticeable changes in healthcare delivery at St. James and those changes, when they come, are expected to be gradual.