St. James Hospital: No Financial Penalties Expected From Obamacare

St James: No Financial Penalties Expected Because of Obamacare
July 24 2014

HORNELL, NY – A news outlet in the Corning/Elmira area broke a story online this morning. The report stated that St. James Hospital might suffer financial penalties in the coming months, because of Obamacare.

We caught up with St James Hospital spokesperson Kate Kreger who tells WLEA News, that information about possible financial penalties, comes from the Keiser Health Report, which did a study three years ago. Kreger does not believe that the info is still current, or that there will be any penalties this fall

The hospital also issued a statement:

“St. James Mercy Hospital has excellent patient safety results and scores within the top 10 percent of hospitals statewide. While St. James Mercy Hospital performs better than or equal to the state target for hospital-acquired conditions listed in the report, we strive to continuously improve clinical care and outcomes for our patients. For example, we are participating in a state-wide program to reduce hospital-acquired complications by 40 percent and preventable readmissions by 20 percent. The Kaiser report covers a period during which St. James Mercy had two reportable incidents. The data for the next round of reporting (2013-14) are trending very favorably, and we are optimistic that we will continue to improve these measures.”