State Education Dept. Wants To Punsih Students/Schools For Not Taking Common Core Tests

August 19, 2015

ALBANY, NY – Capital New York and Time Warner Cable News are reporting that  the new State Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia says that the state education department working with the US Department of Education on a plan regarding possible sanctions – including the potential loss of aid – for districts with high opt-out rates.  That means, schools where large numbers of students opt out of Common Core tests.

Assemblyman Bill Nojay’s reaction?   “Cutting funding to schools is unacceptable. Instead of blaming parents maybe SED should look in the mirror and blame itself for the failure of Common Core.”

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano was not pleased either. “The Federal Department of Education and the NYS Education Department should not impose any sanctions on our children and school districts because parents make a choice to opt their kids out of the common core standardized testing. I believe if any such action were taken, it would be met with quick, decisive and bi-partisan action to prevent any harm being done to our children and schools. Washington and Albany bureaucrats must respect and understand the growing opt-out movement is a grassroots, parent driven movement that is a direct result of bureaucrats not listening to the continued opposition and frustration of parents and educators with Common Core and the over emphasis of more and more standardized testing of our children which does not help our kids learn, thrive and grow. It’s finally time we put more control and accountability of our education system back in the hands of our educators at the local level rather than bureaucrats residing in Albany or Washington.”

Palmesano went on to say he co-sponsors bipartisan legislation that would prohibit the state from penalizing school districts, teachers and students if parents choose to opt their children out of the common core stardized testing.

Palmesano noted that similar legislation has been introduced by Congressman Tom Reed at the federal level as well.