State Notes Grade Increases In Six Schools

August 19, 2014

ALBANY, NY – Six schools, located in Oswego, Lewis, Madison, Herkimer and Onondaga Counties, are the subject of a State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli report.  According to Dinapoli, some students grades were increased, because of school employees who were not authorized, increasing grades on school computers.

129 cases of increasing grades were found in the six schools investigated.  However, State Comptroller spokesman Brian Butry maintains that these cases did not appear to be grade inflation.   “None of these seemed to be fraudulent changes, but without the proper paperwork in place, or without the proper staff being the ones making these changes, there was no way to be certain,” Butry told WLEA News.    The spokesman also noted that parents want to feel safe about their children’s privacy.    “I think parents want to make sure, first and foremost, that any private or sensitive information is being protected by school officials.

The spokesman also says the state comptroller will be looking at schools around the state, to make sure that school grade computer access is limited.

WLEA spoke with one local school official, who said that much of this could be explained by a substitute teacher changing grades.

Click here to see State Comptroller Dinapoli’s full report.