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State Of Emergency Update, Aug 26, 2021

August 26, 2021

The State of Emergency for the Towns of West Union, Woodhull, Troupsburg, Tuscarora, Greenwood, Canisteo, Jasper and Addison remains in effect until further notice.

The American Red Cross Shelter at the Tuscarora Elementary School will close Thursday afternoon. Those that need further assistance with housing are asked to call 211.

United Way of the Southern Tier is collecting monetary donations to the “Steuben County Flood Response Fund” to assist non-profit agencies that are helping local flood victims.

Donations can be sent to:
United Way of the Southern Tier
P.O. Box 284
Elmira, NY 14902
Make checks payable to “UWST Steuben County FRF.”

All donations to United Way of the Southern Tier for the Steuben County Flood Response Fund will be fully invested in flood relief with no monies withheld for administrative costs, according to United Way President and CEO Stephen M. Hughes.

Any individual with damages needing assistance can reach out to the 211 Helpline by dialing 2-1-1 and providing their address, contact information and type of damages. This helps to document the needs and provides work to the volunteer agencies.

County Officials report that the following roads are still closed in Steuben County.
State Roads:
State Route 417 from County Route 81 in Woodhull east to Addison Village Line
(6158-7939 SR 417)

State Route 417/36 Concurrent Section in Jasper
(3407-3745 SR 417)

State Route 36 from County Route 119 south to Bush Hill Rd in Town of Canisteo
(5250-5323 SR 36)

County Roads:
County Route 21, Town of Canisteo
From 4261 County Route 21 east to Lamphier Rd
(4261-4157 CR 21)

County Route 103, Town of Woodhull
1553-1561 County Route 103
County Route 129, Town of Woodhull
5500-5570 County Route 129

County Route 31, Town of Jasper
3579-3593 County Route 31

Many local town roads are also severely damaged and caution should be used if driving in these areas. Travelers should follow posted detours and check for more information.

This is still an active Disaster Area… No Unnecessary travel is ordered in these townships. Do not travel in this area unless you have specific business there. This will allow the road crews and organized volunteers to do their work.

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