State Senate Dems, Might Amend The New Bail Reform Changes

January 4, 2020

ALBANY, NY – Even though the new state bail reform laws, only went into effect on January 1st, it appears that Democrat State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins, is already talking about changing the laws on bail reform.

Numerous suspects starting spitting, punching, kicking, stabbing and threatening Jewish people in downstate New York over the Jewish holiday period, and Jewish leaders have been asking Governor Andrew Cuomo to help put a stop to this. The bail reform changes that went into effect last Wednesday, make it very difficult, almost impossible, to hold suspects who are accused of even very violent crimes. “I think we need to take a look,” Stewart-Cousins said. “We want to take a look at reforming the system but making sure we do it right. We’re as concerned about these hate crimes as everyone.”

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