Statement From Amanda Kirchgessner

October 17, 2018

“My name is Amanda Kirchgessner and I’m running for NY State Senate in District 58. As of today, I have decided to run without a single endorsement. I am proud of the many endorsements I have earned during this race. Now I have decided to give them all back in order to protect those who have supported me and refocus this race on things that matter to the people of the 58th district.

Our politics, and this race, have turned ugly. My supporters, my friends, my campaign staff, and the organizations that endorsed me earlier, are all being pressured to withdraw their support. They are being attacked on social media, and are receiving threatening emails, phone calls and text messages, all as a result of recent allegations from my ex-wife.

These allegations are false.

I continue to be singularly focused on the needs of those living in the 58th district. I want to serve as their voice in Albany, no matter which party or organization they belong to, no matter their age or ability or income, no matter how many degrees they have or how many obstacles they have faced in their lives.

Those of you who share my vision for the Southern Tier: I ask for your vote and I value your support. My name will still appear on the ballot on the Democratic Party line and the Working Families Party line. While the party no longer supports me, I hope you will. We all have an equal voice at the ballot box. Join me at the polls on November 6th and elect a truly independent voice to the New York State Senate.”