Statements From Alfred-Almond Central Attorney, And School Superintendent

April 20, 2017

The Alfred-Almond Central School Attorney has issued this statement, about the Wednesday, April 19th, meeting’s public comments:

“Regarding the immediate issues which have brought many of you here today based on your comments, I can tell you we have worked with the school district as these issues have arisen and given our legal recommendations to the district in regard to the law, these privacy rights, due process rights, very often, there are contract rights, union rights, tenure rights, you just can’t take immediate action and run roughshod all over these situations,” said Ciotoli. “They are complex, difficult and our experience working with the district has always shown due diligence when handling with these matters. They always work with the state education department, the local union leadership and state union leadership when necessary and the local authorities when necessary, the state police and sheriff’s department when issues come up. My experience dealing with the school district? They are as good as I’ve ever worked with and I’ve worked with districts all over the state. Especially with situations of student safety and taking allegations seriously.”

Statement from Superintendent Calkins:
Please know that our number one priority is keeping this campus safe for our students and staff members. I am saddened that some are questioning our commitment to those we serve. I fear that this disruption is partly due to a disgruntled faculty or staff member who has purposefully provided misinformation in an attempt to discredit the district and their fellow educators.

I want to thank the community, the students and the teachers for their many expressions of support over the last few weeks. Alfred-Almond is an amazing school district and we are lucky to serve such a wonderful community.