Steuben County Approves 2023 Budget

November 29, 2022

Most Steuben County property taxpayers will see a significant drop in their taxes in 2023, with county legislators approving the county’s spending plan of $227.1 million Monday in special session. The 2023 budget carries a tax levy of $52.3 million and a drop in the average tax rate of more than 5.5 percent or 43 cents per $1,000.
Actual tax rates depend on each municipality’s valuation which is determined by a complicated state formula. While the county’s operating costs continue to rise, driven by state mandates, costs were offset by a $2 million boost in sales tax revenues, the tax levy and the county fund balance. Key increases in next year’s budget are public safety costs which have steadily increased a total of 35 percent
during the past five years, with the proposed 2023 increase up 10 percent compared to the current year. Salaries and benefits also are higher, due to wage increases and benefits.

In other action, the county Legislature approved a proposal to accept television and computer monitors at no cost beginning Thursday (Dec. 1). The county had been forced to charge the fee to anyone dropping off CRT and non-CRT TVs and monitors at the county Landfill due to state Department of Environmental Conservation regulations,
which were recently updated.

Legislators also approved:
• A Fire Mobilization and Mutual Aid Plan providing mutual assistance with firefighting units in Tioga
County, Pa.
• A state grant for more than $651,000 from the state in response to a top-ranked proposal from the Steuben
Public Defense Department.
• State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency grant more than of $172,000 to the county Sheriff’s
Office to support staffing, planning, education, and prevention for acts of domestic terrorist threats.
• A Cyber Security grant of $50,000 for purchasing of and training on a Security Information and Event
Management System, including a remote authentication system, which will enhance Steuben’s cyber
security posture