The 2022 Village Elections Are Today

March 15, 2022

    North Hornell

Mayor Falci is not seeking re-election,
Deputy mayor/trustee Joe Ingalls (R) is running for mayor
Three candidates are running for two trustee seats
Elise McCollumn (R)
Peter Dairundo (R)
Brian Friedland (D)


George Prete running for Mayor (D)
Alan Matthews is running for Trustee (R)
Patty Amidon (D) trustee
Jon Hedges (R) is not seeking re-election and Ryan Beers (R) is not seeking re-election


    Mike Delaney incumbent trustee is seeking re-election
    David Robinson running for the Grant Seaman trustee seat
    Madeline Seaman is seeking re-election as village justice


    Two trustee candidate are running this year, Meredith Field and Laurette Guild.