The Maps: New And Old, And Turning In Petitions

April 6, 2022

STEUBEN COUNTY, NY – Political Petitions to run for office in local, county or statewide races, are due Thursday at 5pm. Steuben County Democrat Chairman Shawn Hogan says, because there is a stay, on Judge McAllister’s ruling, that petitions have to be filed, with the old maps in mind. But, Hogan says, if the maps are eventually changed, then the petitions will have to be done all over again, according to the changed maps. Hogan predicts that the stay will remain, because “of the chaos it would cause, to change the maps at this point.”

Steuben County Republican Chairman Joe Sempolinski agrees with Hogan on that and Sempolinski made the following statement: “Because of the stay that’s in place, petitions are being filed as scheduled. However, because of the clear unconstitutionality of the maps that were signed into law, I anticipate that the maps may be changed at a future date. I call on all appellate judges who will eventually review this case, to uphold Judge McAllister’s correct and just decision.”