Why Dansville Central Was Closed On Wednesday

April 6, 2022

DANSVILLE, NY – Officials with the Dansville Central School system report that on Tuesday night while returning his bus to the garage from an extracurricular run, a 75 year old bus driver, experienced a medical emergency. The medical emergency led to a serious crash at the DCSD bus garage. The bus driver was treated at the scene, transported to Noyes Memorial Hospital in Dansville and later transferred to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. At this time we understand his condition to be very serious. No students or other drivers were involved in this accident.

Officials say that Dansville was closed today for the following reasons:
1. It was imperative to meet together this morning with transportation employees,
counselors and administrators to discuss the facts of the incident, process the trauma
and gather in support of Mr. Greek, his family and one another. Having had the
opportunity to process this difficult incident, we are confident that our transportation department employees will return to work safely without distraction on Thursday.
2. The accident scene was substantial with two disabled buses, one of which was on its
side last night. Police investigators secured the site and time was required to
complete the investigation and then clear the scene. Canceling school today created
a longer period of time for the investigation to be completed, for the scene to be
cleared and to ensure that the area was safe to return to. We are now confident that
the bus garage parking area and grounds are safe for employees and vehicles.
Tonight’s high school concert performance will go on as scheduled. No Dansville school
buses are running today. GV BOCES programs held at the former middle school/GCC
building ran as scheduled.
This has been a very difficult year for our family of employees in the transportation
department. We appreciate the public’s support, thoughts and prayers as we work to
overcome the challenges before us.