Timeline Of Clarksville Double Homicide Case

November 21, 2019

ALLEGANY COUNTY, NY – From The Wellsville Regional Newspage:

(Photo Above, Is Of William Larson Jr, Who Is Wanted For Questioning About The Fatal Fire)

UPDATE 6:15 a.m. – Portville school has closed for the day.
UPDATE 6:44 a.m.- Cuba-Rushford school has closed for the day.
UPDATE 6:46 A.M.- Bolivar-Richburg school has closed.
UPDATE 8:45 A.M.- Police broadcast alert in Allegany County double homicide. Stolen vehicle, NY reg HNU-8365, red, 2003 Chevy Blazer. Operated by William J. Larson, age 17. Considered armed and dangerous.
UPDATE- Cuba Rushford School closed!
UPDATE 2:12 A.M.- State Police requesting a drone to the scene. Suspect could be a family member (unconfirmed).
UPDATE 3:37 a.m.- State Police are setting up a command post at a local church.
UPDATE 5:55 A.M.- From the Cuba Police Department:
We are attempting to assist the New York State Police with an incident that has occurred in the Town of Clarksville. We are asking that all Cuba residents shelter in place and do not answer your doors. If you must go about your business please do so with extra caution. If you feel that there is someone at your door or on your property who doesn’t belong there do not answer or let them in call 911 immediately. We cannot release any additional information at this time. Our goal is to ensure that all Cuba residents are safe. Additional information will be released once it becomes availa
Thursday, November 21, 2019
Allegany County: Troopers investigating possible double homicide in Clarksville
What began as a house fire may have developed into a double homicide. The scene unfolded around midnight Thursday at 8472 Courtney Hollow Road in the Town of Clarksville. Firefighters were alerted to a possible house fire. When they arrived, they told 911 the structure was fully engulfed in flames. Moments later, over the radio, there was a frantic “emergency traffic, emergency traffic.” Fire crews had extricated two victims. State Troopers soon after told 911 that…”this is gonna be a double homicide…both victims have multiple stab wounds.”
A fire investigation team was requested at the scene as more law enforcement poured into the scene. Early in the investigation, Troopers were looking for a male who was allegedly seen running from the area. Allegany County 911 issued a “Code Red” for area residents, alerting people not to answer their doors and shelter in place.
UPDATE 12:58 A.M.- State Police says the suspect is a white male, six feet tall, 130 pounds, curly brown hair, 17 or 18 years old, possibly driving a GMC Blazer, possibly headed to the Cuba area. Suspect may be armed.
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