Water Usage-Pressure Again Becoming a Problem in the City

November 21st, 2019

HORNELL, NY – At Thursday morning’s Board of Public Works meeting DPW head Mitch Cornish and Water Treatment plant head Len Fucci brought to the Mayor’s attention that the city is again experiencing and increase in water usage and a decrease in water pressure in some areas of the city. “Water pressure is down in certain areas of the city and we are currently looking into it,” explained Cornish, “but until the dragon rears its ugly head, there’s not much we can do.” According to Cornish, the Genesee Street area, parts of houses along Tobes Hill, and the Living Waters Church are all experiencing low pressure.

“We are looking at all our options at the moment,” added Cornish, “If things get worse, we probably will do another pressure test on the affected areas like we have in the past. We did the entire city and North Hornell last time for around $12k, so this should be significantly cheaper.” The city hires an outside company to do all water line pressure tests. Fucci said that he is noticing a steady increase in water usage also, adding that that is usually a telltale sign that there is a leak in the system somewhere.

Water Polution Control Plant Supervisor Rich Dunning announced that the city has accepted a bid for phase 1 upgrades to his plant. According to Dunning, the city is mandated to convert to a UV disinfection system by 2022, and the phase 1 project will be handled by LaBella Associates. Phase 1 will include the UV Affluent Disinfection pumps, return sludge pumps, and repairs to digester equipment along with mixing and heating systems.

It was announced that the newly built Boces house on Genesee Street is finally complete and the city is already taking bids for its purchase. Mitch Cornish also wanted the public to know they are still picking up BAGGED leaves. “We will continue to pick up bagged leaves until the snow falls,” said the DPW head, “but they must be bagged and roadside.” He also made note that the salt at the DPW building is not free to take, that is for city use for roads and walks. If you want salt for your personal use, you must purchase it.

Buckley also announced that bids were put in for 3 new police chargers, 1 3500 Ram with 11’ dump, and 1 Tradesman pickup.

And finally the board gave the green light for Hornell for the Holidays and the parade. The parade will take place November 30th on Main Street at 5pm with shop local events starting at noon. Also Santa’s Cottage will open that day till 9pm. Future Santa’s Cottage dates are December 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 19th, 21st.