Tracy Mitrano Blames Rep Tom Reed For Threats Against Omar

November 21, 2019

Democrat Congressional Candidate Tracy Mitrano is blaming Congressman Tom Reed, for the Addison man, who just pleaded guilty to threatening Congresswoman Omar’s life. “Threatening language and attacks on U.S. congressional representatives have penetrated the 23rd Congressional District, and this may be laid at the feet of U.S. Representative Tom Reed. (The) announcement that Patrick Carlineo of Addison, in Reed’s home county of Steuben, has pled guilty to threatening the life of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota is not only alarming, but it is also hateful. President Trump’s constant name calling and hateful slurs and Congressman Reed’s divisive campaign language, vilifying his opponents as ‘extreme’ and ‘dangerous,’ only fuel behavior like Carlineo’s.”

Response From The Reed Campaign:

“Like Congressman Omar, Tom has also received death threats for his political beliefs. Because of this, he takes threats against public officials very seriously and believes that violence has no place in American political discourse. If anyone’s campaign is guilty of using inflammatory and decisive language it’s Tracy’s. Look no further than her own staff saying, “f*** police and f*** Tom Reed” in 2018. This proves, yet again, that voters can’t trust Tracy.”