Town of Canisteo Passes Budget, Tables Fire District

November 14, 2016

CANISTEO, NY – The town of Canisteo passed their annual budget for 2017 and they have managed close to a zero percent tax increase. The amount to be raised by taxes is $650,915.40 compared to $648,253.25 in 2016. In 2016 the tax rate was 5.975 per thousand dollars of assessed property value while only rising $.034 to $6.009 per thousand dollars in 2017. This rate is contingent on the allotment of $75,000 for the Canisteo Fire Protection District which still has not been determined.

The possible fire district between the village of Canisteo, town, and town of Hartsville was heavily debated Monday night with Town Supervisor Steven Weed suggesting that they pay the village the asking price of $101,000 for inclusion.

Weed had bartered with Village Mayor Bill Tucker offering as low as $75,000 but was rejected. Other members of the board were not so keen on it suggesting that the village may jack that price up in the following years and also questioned the amount of say the town will have in future decisions of the department. The town is currently under the gun as they have to have a fire contract in place by this Sunday, November 20th.

The board ultimately agreed that they still need to sit down with members of the village board and discuss how the money will be spent, and whether the price will remain constant. “I might be able to sell $100,000 to the town board, but don’t come back to me and say its $120,000 the following year,” said Weed.

Weed also pointed out that even if they don’t agree to the district, they will still have fire insurance protection, but the response times would be unreliable and inconsistent.