Updating Canisteo’s Codes Rules

September 15, 2021

CANISTEO, NY – On Tuesday night, Todd Metcalf (an independent codes expert from Rochester), spoke with the village board in Canisteo, about updating the codes for the village. Metcalf explained that he can update the code book, as well as make it available as an E-code (an online version that residents can download from the Canisteo Village website). Metcalf pointed out that with the changes that are coming in from Albany regarding police, marijuana and plastic bags, there is a need for creating an up to date list of codes for all municipalities.

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard and Village of Canisteo Police Chief, Kyle Amidon, presented to the board the future plans of Greenwood School. Allard and Amidon have plans to turn the school into a regional training center for law enforcement officers, fire fighters and EMTs. They are in the process of creating a non-profit organization, consisting of community board members, to help the building and program remain self-sufficient. Currently J-T School District is using the facility in Greenwood to conduct classes and school business, due to extensive damage from flooding at their location. However, once the building becomes available again, the training center will resume operations.

The village voted on several resolutions at this meeting including adding to section 3-2021 to the Law of Fire Prevention and Building Code. In current local code, section 13 did not exist (having to do with parking garages). Section 13 was approved by the board.