VIDEO: Hartsville Town Board Controversy Continues

March 1 2017

HARTSVILLE, NY – At a Wednesday night special Hartsville meeting, there was much discussion about the budget and the Hartsville Town Highway department. Specifically, the topics of MEO’s (motor equipment operators, they work at the town highway department), and the civil service office. Also, there was much debate about who has the right to hire and fire town highway department employees. Town Board member Jim Perry argued that the adopted 2017 budget could provide for one full time highway employee who would get benefits. Hartsville Supervisor John Bowles maintained that there should be more employees on the highway department. Bowles and Perry, as has been seen at all meetings since January of this year, are on the opposite sides of almost every argument.

Eventually, after much discussion and debate about the budget and the highway department, a resolution was introduced by Hartsville Town Board member Jim Perry, to cut back on the number of highway employees, down to just one employee. The resolution passed, but not until after heated arguments from town supervisor John Bowles, and some Hartsville residents who were present in the audience, many of whom were against Perry’s resolution about the highway department.

VIDEO: The Vote On The Resolution To Decrease The Number of Town Highway Employees

Former Hartsville Town Board member Ron Amidon was very vocal in asking questions about the Hartsville Highway Dept.

Ron Amidon’s wife, had harsh words for Hartsville Town Board member Jim Perry.

The pro-wind side was there in large numbers, there were only about four or five people from the anti-wind side, who were in the audience.
VIDEO: One person questioned why Tom DeWall (who has a role on the highway department, and DeWall either is, or is not, (depending on who you asked at the meeting) the Hartsville Highway Superintendent.

The next Hartsville meeting will be Wednesday, March 8, at 7pm.