Over 50% of Students Grades 7 – 12 on Hornell Honor Roll

March 1, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Scott Carroll, Hornell High School Principle, had some great news for the Board of Education Wednesday evening. Over 52% of student’s grades 7th through 9th made the high honor roll (85 grade average or better) and 53% made it through grades 10th – 12th. “This is something we are really proud of,” said Carroll, “That’s some great work!” Carroll went on to name individual students on the honor roll to a big round of applause from all in attendance.

Also numerous school events are coming up through the end of the school year as Superintendent Doug Wyant explains below:

In other updates from Wyant’s report was the inadequate fund balance at only 4% in Hornell when other school districts have as much as 25% and the lack of ability to recruit new teachers. “We are in a severe shortage of teachers in our area,” said Wyant, “And it all seems to stem from the crisis in 2008 when severe cuts were made.” According to Wyant, one major factor that will be addressed for hiring new teachers in the future will be requirements. “They have made changes in the past, and they have been detrimental to our hiring process, and they need to be readdressed.”

And finally, Project Supervisor Mick Pavlick from Welliver Construction gave an update on the capital project for the Hornell City school district. According to Pavlick, 99% of the middle school pool is complete and soon renovations will start on the gymnasium, locker rooms, bathrooms, floors, walls, ceilings at the High School. Also parking lot renovations will hopefully be completed by this summer. You can see Pavlicks capital project summary below: