Village Election Results 2020

September 16, 2020

North Hornell:
Joe Ingalls 61 votes
Rich Head 38 votes (write in)
Frank Libordi 37 votes
Peter DiRaimondo 35 votes
(There were two seats open. Incumbent Joe Ingalls retained his seat. Rich Head won the Libordi seat as a write in.)

Michael Delaney Jr: 38 votes.
Grant Seaman: 30 votes
There were two Trustee Positions open for this year elections with Michael Delaney Jr. and Grant Seaman as the listed Candidates.

Tom Dugo (the mayoral race) 35 votes
Jon Hedges 32 votes (a trustee seat)
Ryan Beers 35 votes (trustee seat)

Caitlin Brown: 75 votes
Andrea Gill: 73 votes
Brown and Gill were both re-elected, there were 8 write-in votes and a total of 81 votes cast in Alfred.

Mayor John Meehan won re-election, with 16 votes
Two trustee seats were up last night, Paul Gabriel won re-election with 16 votes, and David Giles was elected with 16 votes.