Village Of Canisteo Opts Out

November 17, 2021

CANISTEO, NY – The Canisteo Village Board has voted unanimously to opt out of the cannabis retail dispensary in the village.

Other Proposals that were voted on:
1. Motion to adopt the 2021-2022 fiscal year Procurement Policy (passed unanimously)
2. Motion to approve Resolution for the acquisition of property on Main Street in the sum of $1,075 and 7,200 (passed unanimously)
3. Motion to accept the Renewal Policy provided by Trident (passed unanimously)
4. Motion to close bank account title “Savings” account totaling $387.90 as a legal reserve is not established and funds are not legally assigned . Funds will be deposited into general checking (passed unanimously).
5. Motion to approve budget modifications (approved unanimously)

Waste and Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Engineering/UV Project:
1. Environmental Assessment Form and identification of environmental impact. Motion to adopt Resolution #2021-11-02 SEQRA of WWTP disinfection project (passed unanimously)
2. Consultant Agreement for services from HUNT (passed unanimously)
3. Motion to adopt Resolution 2021-11-03 notice to for WIIA 2021 application for the WWTP Disinfection Project (passed unanimously)
4. Motion to adopt Resolution #2021-11-04 Bond Resolution for the WWTP Disinfection Project (passed unanimously)

Other Topics:
The number of police calls has almost doubled for this year compared to same time as last year.
Ryan Agency gave a presentation regarding Village insurance policies