Watches/McCarthy Race Update

August 1, 2018

Statement From Chauncey Watches For Judge Campaign:

The Steuben County Board of Elections announced at a hearing today that it has removed Matthew McCarthy’s name from the Independence Party ballot line in this year’s race for Steuben County Court Judge. McCarthy was removed after the Board deemed XX signatures on his petition to be invalid for a variety of reasons.

During the same hearing, the Board ruled that Chauncey Watches’ petition for the Independence ballot line is valid, so he will appear on this ballot line in this fall’s election. Watches also secured enough valid signatures to appear on the Republican, Conservative and Reform Party ballot lines.

“I’m sure that the voters of Steuben County expect that our next County Court Judge will know the law and abide by the law,” said Judge Watches. “I made sure that our team of volunteers took the utmost care in collecting our petition signatures according to the rule of law to ensure that we exceeded the minimum requirement.”