Facebook-Ceglia Update: Argentieri Sues Zuckerberg

November 21, 2015
CALIFORNIA – In the summer of 2010, Wellsville native Paul Ceglia hired Hornell native, attorney Paul Argentieri, to sue Facebook. Ceglia at that time was claiming that he owned over three quarters of Facebook, and produced a contract between himself and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (along with numerous emails between Zuckerberg and Ceglia).  In October of 2014, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg filed a lawsuit against Ceglia’s lawyers, claiming that the attorneys for Ceglia knew that Ceglia’s Facebook contract was a “forgery”.
The latest in the case, is that Paul Argentieri has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, because of the Zuckerberg lawsuit against him (Argentieri). According to a California newspaper, pressdemocrat.com, Argentieri’s suit is “alleging the social networking giant defamed him by suggesting he tried to help a client defraud the company.”
Argentieri, Milberg, DLA Piper and the other lawyers who represented Wellsville native Paul Ceglia, tried to get the case against them dismissed, but the court ruled that the case against Ceglia’s lawyers could go forward.
Zuckerberg, at the time that the 2014 lawsuit was announced, said that Paul Argentieri and other attorneys knew that Paul Ceglia’s contract to own Facebook was a “fraud”, and Zuckerberg’s lawyers called it “malicious prosecution.”
Paul Ceglia disappeared in March of this year, along with his wife and two young children.
Click here to read story about Argentieri’s lawsuit against Facebook, from the pressdemocrat.com