Cleveland And Valentine’s New Statement

June 24, 2021

HORNELL, NY – There is now a back and forth going on now, between Hornell Common Council members, here on Wlea.net. The first posting came, this past Tuesday morning, when Alderwoman Jessica Cleveland, (R, 6th Ward) issued a statement about the Monday night Hornell Common Council meeting. After that, Alderman Rich Argentieri (D, 4th Ward) responded, as he was mentioned in Cleveland’s first statement. Below is the latest, a response from Alderwoman Cleveland and Alderman Kevin Valentine (R, 7th Ward).

From Alderwoman Jessica Cleveland And Alderman Kevin Valentine:

“The sale of the Bryant School may be seen as a political issue to some, but for many of us, it affects our lives. Our families, neighbors and friends in the 6th and 7th wards are sad, concerned, and frustrated regarding this project and how it may change the place we all call home.

Alderman Argentieri, you didn’t attend most of the public hearing regarding the rezoning of 173 Terry St. You missed the first several minutes where the discussion centered around your change in vote at the Law and Ordinance committee meetings. To many, it felt like a continued push until the desired result was achieved. If that outcome occurred at the council level as well, it would only further the feeling this agenda is pushed through and the people who live here and are most affected, aren’t represented.

The folks of the 6th and 7th wards are represented and their concerns are valid and heard. This isn’t a political issue; it’s a geographic one. Democrats and Republicans living in the 6th and 7th wards are impacted equally by this project. The only person making this a political issue is yourself. It is your failure that you made what you now identify to be an uninformed decision, and then you changed your vote, rather than seeking to table to issue in the first place. Similarly, you asked that we respect the School District public vote held on May 18th, yet you did not bother to participate in that critically important vote yourself.

Residents of the 6th and 7th wards did a great job speaking about their concerns with this project at the public hearing. Their concerns moved council members to pause to further consider. That’s the goal of a public hearing and the responsibility of the legislative offices to which we have been elected. Hear what people have to say, and make decisions accordingly.”