Hornellsville Lawsuits

Lawsuits Against Hornellsville

HORNELLSVILLE, NY – Taxpayers in Hornellsville are paying more in legal fees because of lawsuits filed against the town board.

We don’t know exactly how much yet. That information will be released next week but we do know that taxpayers in Hornellsville township are paying much more in legal fees these days thanks to lawsuits brought against the town board of which Ken Isaman is the supervisor.

The lawsuits are coming from Larry Hot Dog Stephens and Brian Gotchall. Stephens is taking court action because of the way he believes freedom of information requests or FOILS are handled by the town. He is also upset about the way the town is dealing with the so called BOCES road. Gotchall is upset because the town board ordered a clean up of the garbage on his property. Gotchall is a garbage collector.

Hardly a week goes by without Stephens stopping at the town hall with a FOIL request. Sometimes he makes two or three at a time. Some weeks ago, Stephens submitted a FOIL request for 20 years of town board meetings. One employee at the town hall said she dreads going to work because she knows Stephens will be stopping with more Freedom of Information requests.

Sources in the township say Stephens is conducting a personal vendetta against Isaman. Others note that a FOIL request is entirely legal if bothersome.

Next week, we will learn the nature of those FOILS and the additional costs in legal fees and when we do, we will report that information to you.