Noon Event Coming Up In Hornell, To Honor Sgt. Dan Swift

October 8, 2021

Hornell to Honor Sergeant Daniel J. Swift
Mayor Buckley will outline memorial – nearly 50 years after Sgt. Swift was killed in the line of duty

Hornell, N.Y. – Hornell Mayor John Buckley announced today that the City of Hornell will soon honor Hornell Police Sergeant Daniel J. Swift, who was killed in the line of duty on October 24, 1973.

“Sergeant Swift was killed nearly 50 years ago, his memory and his sacrifice must never be forgotten,” said Mayor Buckley. “Anytime a first responder or military servicemember is killed in the line of duty, we as a grateful society have an obligation to honor their name and their sacrifice. Sergeant Swift is rightfully due this honor and as Mayor, I am humbled and committed to seeing that his sacrifice is memorialized,” he said.

Hornell native, Joe Huang-Racalto added, “Having this memorial is a fitting tribute to an individual who gave his life protecting this wonderful city. I am grateful to Mayor Buckley for his eagerness to help me and Danny develop this memorial,” said Mr. Huang-Racalto. “I’m also grateful to Chief Ted Murray for his strong endorsement of this idea. Chief Murray and the members of the Hornell Police Department know that this is long overdue. Finally, I am proud of the universal support the Hornell and law enforcement communities have shown to the Swift family,” he said.

Dan Swift, son of Sergeant Swift, added, “My family and I are deeply moved by this fitting tribute. My father, Sergeant Daniel Swift was one-hundred percent dedicated to the betterment of Hornell,” said Mr. Swift. “John (Mayor Buckley) and Joe are longtime Hornell supporters and are equally dedicated to doing what’s right for our community. This is long overdue, and I continually look forward to working with Mayor Buckley and Joe through to the opening of this memorial,” he said.

Mayor Buckley is inviting members of the community to a press conference where he will announce the details of the memorial. The press conference will be held at noon on Saturday, October 9, 2021, at the Community Bank on Seneca Road. A reception with the Swift family will follow.